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About Suzie Rice


Hello and welcome to my world of Style, Beauty, Image & Shopping


I know what it feels like to open my ‘bursting at the seams’ wardrobe, with a sinking feeling in my stomach.  Wishing I had something in there for the person I want to be that day.  It’s so frustrating, grabbing the first 'safe' thing that comes to hand, knowing it’s just not cutting it.  I wanted to feel good, I wanted to look stylish and I wanted to know why other women found it so easy.  It was frustrating and depressing at times and held me back in more ways than I want to remember.


I thought, this is ridiculous!  Us women are expected to look great all of the time, without any help or guidance, we're just supposed to know how.  When we feel we haven't got it right, we blame ourselves. So some time ago, I decided I couldn't take it any longer! I took myself off to the London College of Fashion and was literally gob smacked at what was involved in the art of successful dressing – and we’re supposed to be able to do this stuff naturally!  I sucked it all up like a sponge and vowed to pass it all on to each and every woman that was sick and tired of feeling the way I had.  I wanted to take away the misery I had felt.


Over the years, using my training, experience and client research into what issues women want fixing, Style Heaven emerged. I couldn’t be more passionate about helping women to dress for success, to impress themselves, day after day. I absolutely love working with women on their quest to reconnect with who they are and who want to explore and express their individual personality through the way they look.  When we are happy and confident in our own skin and look the business, we're equipped to go for the things we want most in life.


I grew up and live in the beautiful City of Cambridge, have a wonderful son who likes to prank me regularly and a very funny little French Bulldog who keeps me on my toes!


Essentially, I’m kind and gentle but also dynamic and swift and will absolutely get you to where you want to be… and that’s my promise to you.