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Hello and a big, warm welcome to you. 

I live in the beautiful, vibrant City of Cambridge, which I adore.  No prizes for guessing which team I cheer on at the boat race. I have a seventeen year old son and two very stubborn, but funny French Bulldogs, named Blue & Dexter.


You’ve probably landed here because you want to feel better about the way you look. It’s important for me that you know I’ve been there too. I used to open my wardrobe and my heart would sink, there wasn’t anything in there that remotely did the job of making me feel good.  I was critical of myself for not being able to do something as seemingly simple as choosing the 'right' clothes to wear. The wardrobe was crammed full but I didn't like anything in there. I’d compare myself to other women and wonder why they seemed to find it so easy.  Every day, I'd bypass each hanger, the same old things staring back at me and I'd get very upset and frustrated. Why did I keep wasting money on things I never wore?! It always ended the same way, I’d grab the first safe thing that ‘would do’ and get on with my day, feeling rubbish about myself. I couldn’t believe how badly my wardrobe affected me and my day to day life.
After my son was born I really struggled with how my body had changed, I didn’t recognise it and had no clue how to dress it.  I knew I had to do something about it.  So, I made the bold decision to go and learn how to dress – that may sound daft, but when I learned there were technical aspects of dressing positively, I stopped beating myself up and I hope you will too. 
On my first day at the London College of Fashion, I was literally gob smacked at what was involved in the art of successful dressing – and we’re expected to be able to do this stuff without any help! I sucked it all up like a sponge and vowed to pass it on to every woman that was sick and tired of feeling the way I had.  I wanted to take away the frustration and misery I had felt, and in a nutshell, that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.

When we're happy and confident in our own skin and 'look the business', we're equipped to go for the things we want most in life... new job, promotion, new relationship etc. I couldn’t be more passionate about helping you to dress for success, to impress yourself everyday. Are you ready to invest the time in yourself and financial commitment, to reconnect with who you are and how to express your individuality?

Essentially, I’m kind and gentle but also dynamic and swift and will absolutely get you and your wardrobe to where you want to be. 

With love, Suzie x