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Style Transformation Package

This styling package takes you on a transformational journey, to complete Style Heaven. 

You discover everything you need to know about yourself and learn all the styling tricks of the trade,
in order to get you the wardrobe and look you've always dreamed of. 

It's rocket fueled to make you feel better than you ever have.


Session 1 - Signature Style

Woman Wearing Sunglasses

Darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream

There are so many different styles to choose from, when buying clothes, it's no wonder it's confusing to know what works for you and what doesn’t. Every garment is designed with a personality in mind.  If you've never uncovered your individual style personality, you end up with misfit pieces that you don't wear. Over time you can lose sight of what you actually like, for fear of ‘getting it wrong’.  You don’t want to look like mutton dressed as lamb but equally, you're not quite ready for a twin set and pearls just yet!

Imagine feeling like one of those naturally stylish women who glides around, looking utterly fabulous. A super-stylish, version of you, so well put together, you have the confidence to wear your personality, without worrying about what other people think.  Dressing becomes a joy instead of a chore and you only buy things that deserve a place in your wardrobe.


Session 2 - Colour Confidence

Untitled design (2).png


If everyone would look for that uniqueness, then we would have a very colourful world.​ The colours you wear have a dramatic effect on your mood and a huge influence on how others perceive you. Colour is the first thing we see and has either a positive or negative impact.  There are colours that’ll make you look older, larger, tired and drained.  When you know your signature colours you’ll look younger, healthier, fresher, brighter and more stylish.  After we reach 40, we need all the help we can get (you know I’m kidding, right?!)

Session 3 - Signature body shape


Great news! The size of your body is irrelevant to great style

Knowing your body shape is one of the most useful things you’ll learn in your lifetime, how to dress to flatter it and how it differs from others. All clothing, no matter where it’s from, is designed for a particular shape of body in mind. Frustratingly, this isn’t common knowledge and we end up blaming ourselves and our bodies for not being ‘the right size’. 

Imagine shopping for coffee pods without knowing what type of machine you’re buying for... it’s no wonder that most women have wardrobes full of clothes but nothing to wear that makes them feel the way they want to. In this session, you learn the technical side of styling which is fundamental to creating the illusion that you’re … slimmer, taller, younger, shorter … whichever your desired outcomes are. Using tactical dressing alone, it’s possible to look a stone lighter with no diet in sight - now that's what I call essential knowledge, worth knowing.


Session 4 - Wardrobe shop

Woman with hangers


Hold on to your hat! This is where the magic happens

Like your Fairy Stylemother, I wave my magic wand and present you with a collection of clothes that you feel electric in. 

Session 1-3 are essential to allow me to gain everything I need to know about you, in order to furnish you with the most incredible wardrobe you’ve ever had.  Prepare to fall in love with all your new clothes and know that every time you get dressed you're going to feel a million dollars, no matter who you're with, what you're doing or where you're going. 

Now is your time. Time to step out into the world - the new you with a super charged confidence.

Session 5 - Wardrobe shuffle

Well Organized Closet


A wardrobe so beautifully laid out, you can only imagine it in your dreams 

Shock! Horror!  A recent survey completed by my clients, revealed that 95% of them had over £4,500 worth of clothes in their wardrobes that they never wear. 

Deep down, we know there's wasted money hanging in our wardrobes but we don't like thinking about it because it comes with guilt.  Time to stop beating yourself up about it. Trust me when I say, I’ve helped enough women to know that we all do it.  I've removed the pain that comes when you consider clearing out your wardrobe, with a fast, guilt-free way to cleanse, clean and organise it. 

Your wardrobe will be joyous and when you open it, your heart will sing.  Uncluttered wardrobe, uncluttered mind.


Session 6 - Make-Up Tuition


Make-up is self-confidence applied directly to the face

Just another thing us women are supposed to be good at, without any guidance or training!

My art teacher at secondary school told me I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body. I’d love her to know that after years of believing that, I finally let go of it and trained to became a professional make-up artist. For me, applying make-up is an art form and something I find a pleasure rather than a chore.  Some days I don't feel like wearing any at all, some just a little and other days I'm in the mood to really go to town. 

You'll learn how to create a step by step, quick and easy look, using the most flattering shades for your colouring.  Get ready to look fresh faced and to take on the world, baby!


Session 7 - Hair Styling Experience

Hair Cut

Invest in your hair, it's the crown you never take off​

Whether you fancy a massive change or just a little tweak, this session is a real treat. 

Your hair experience takes place in a beautiful salon with award winning stylist, Lesley Ridgewell. Taking into account your face shape, colouring and personality, we decide together on the best length, shape, cut and colour to optimise your looks and give you a result you absolutely love.  Oh, and of course, includes after-care tuition on how to recreate the style yourself.


Session 8 - Professional Photo Shoot

Professional Photo Studio

I came, I saw, I captured. Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories.

At the beginning of your style journey, this session may be the one you least look forward to. But, I promise you that by the end of your transformation, you will feel so confident and amazing about yourself that you can’t wait to get in front of the camera. 

The photographer, Richard Green, is the kindest, calmest, most laid back man you’ll ever meet and he'll put you at ease.  He finds the essence of you within his photography, and you’ll remember the experience forever.   You never knew you could look this good, and the camera never lies.

The perfect finale to your journey to Style Heaven, includes a collage of your images, to help you remember all of the different looks you can create, by mixing and matching your clothing pieces.  A beautiful keepsake that will give you years of joy.