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💥 Transform your wardrobe from Messy to Magnificent 💥

In less than just 20mins have the wardrobe you've always dreamed of

👠 Guarantee Alert - your clothing is safe - no throwing anything away 👠 

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Listen, is your wardrobe bringing you down?

I'm Suzie Rice, and I've spent the last 15 years helping women like you, transform their wardrobes.  

Most people don’t wear about 60-80% of their wardrobe, which is quite shocking when you think about it.  All that wasted money, just hanging there, serving no purpose whatsoever. 

Do you sometimes feel crappy about your clothes, take the walk of shame and sadness to your wardrobe, open the door, and feel sick to your stomach as you look at all things you never wear? You feel stupid for not having clothes you love?

What’s worse, your wardrobe is a giant door of negativity in your life that casts lingering shadows about how you feel about yourself and your clothes. And not just every now and then. It’s always there - every time you look inside.

Even if you attempted to tackle your wardrobe, it’s such an overwhelming thought that it feels easier to let it loom over you. How would you know what to keep? How would you possibly have the time when there’s already so many things to do? It’s much easier to push it to the back of your mind…. until the next day when it faces you yet again.

You spend so much time taking care of other people that it’s all too easy for you to fall to the bottom of your priorities. 

Not anymore. That’s why I created The Wardrobe Shuffle, a 20-minute feel good challenge to transform the way you feel about your wardrobe forever. 

Let me help you!

Don’t miss Thursday 17 November at 7:00pm, when I’ll be guiding you through the shuffle LIVE!

Just register below and join the wardrobe revolution!

Plus these extra bonuses, just for attending:

  • Free entry into Prize Draw - Win a stunning Winter scarf and beautiful piece of jewellery.
  • Receive our free Colour Guide - Make colour work for, you, minimising your spend and maximising your look (usually £45)
  • Q & A - An opportunity to ask me anything! I've been where you are and know your frustrations!

The Wardrobe Shuffle is FAST, EASY and FUN and transforms your wardrobe from Messy to Magnificent

Change your wardrobe, change your life! Imagine this 👇🏼

You wake up, open your wardrobe and that frustrating feeling has disappeared.

You see clothes you love and adore that fill you with confidence

Everything is neat, organised and colour coordinated.

You’ve discovered which items in your wardrobe light you up (and which don’t)

Choosing what to wear for the day becomes a fun, creative experience you find joy in

Join forces with other women and let’s shuffle together 

Sure, you could do it alone, but haven’t you been saying you’ll sort your wardrobe out for forever already?

Doing it with other women who are all in the same boat is amazing for the motivation and feeling supported. And don’t worry if you’re nervous about getting rid of things. We won’t be getting rid of anything at first - just shuffling things around. Plus, I’ll be there walking you through every step, and I promise the challenge will be FUN. 

Sign up below and see you at 7pm on the 17th November 

(Pssst! Look out for our email with the Zoom link to join)